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"Kara consistently demonstrates a unique blend of what I call ‘toughness and tenderness.’ She is very compassionate yet at times graciously bold. Kara is very insightful and competent regarding human behavior and how to assist with physical, emotional and spiritual suffering."



The ReMothering Process: Reclaim Your Power, Stop Settling and Start Living Your Dream Life!



Lack of Confidence

Lack of Trust in Self and Others


Feeling Stuck




People Pleasing

Bad Habits

Negative Thinking

Settling for Less Than You Deserve

Boundary Issues / Hard time Saying “No”



Relationship Issues

Anger and Resentment

Low Self-Worth

Lack of Ability to Create the Life You Want

Feeling Overwhelmed

Isolation and Loneliness

No sisterhood, no support.







After working with women who suffer from anxiety, depression and low self-esteem for almost two decades, I now understand that one of the main root causes is childhood emotional wounding and trauma, in particular the wounding that has arisen within the family dynamic, which is called attachment disorder in the psychotherapy realms. Most of the time, there are some, if not a lot, of issues in the mother daughter dynamic that has helped to create a less than ideal level of self-confidence for daughters.

` Are you an Unmothered, undermothered or motherless woman?

` Was your mother (or mother figure) emotionally or physically abusive?

` Was she unkind or overly critical?

` Did she neglect you or ignore you?

` Did she abandon you emotionally or physically?

` Was she struggling with addiction, depression or anxiety?

` Was she so overwhelmed by her own issues that she wasn’t able to be there for you in the way you needed her to be?

` Or perhaps she was a good mother, but not very grounded or confident in herself.  


This work is for all women, even if your relationship with your mother was loving, present and kind.

As women, the relationship we have with our mothers as young children sets the stage for everything in our life – how we feel about ourselves, whether or not we see the Universe as a friendly or hostile place, our ability to trust ourselves and others and our ability to live a happy, healthy and abundant life. The relationship with mother is the template for all other relationships in our life, especially with other women. Ideally when we are very young and growing up, mother is a nurturing, steady, loving, supportive force in our lives, enabling us to feel safe, loved, cared for, strong and capable. In order to do this, she would need to be self-confident, loving and accepting herself completely and present and grounded the majority of the time. Most of the time, this is not the case, as no person is steady and grounded all of the time, life is fraught with challenges that knock us off our center, and mothers are human, after all, with their own unresolved wounding. If this fundamental relationship dynamic of containment and unconditional love is missing or flawed, we will likely grow up with some or all of these issues: feeling unsafe, unworthy, overly critical of ourselves and others, with low self-esteem, having difficulty trusting and having healthy relationships with others. We may have issues with depression, anxiety, addiction, difficulty saying no, and we may have chronic anger issues and toxic shame. We will do all kinds of things in order to get the love that was missing in that primary relationship, including settling for people, places, things and situations that are not good for us, trusting those who should not be trusted, hiding our light and our truth and not living up to our full potential.

Thankfully, this core wounding can be corrected. In this work I will take you through a powerful, proven 8 step process that will help you to not only heal your emotional scars and transform them into deep wisdom and self-love, but will also help you to cultivate a deep connection to a loving inner mother within yourself. As you heal, you will be able to tap into the gifts of your wounding: unmothered children are highly intuitive, often on the psychic spectrum, enormously strong and courageous, with amazing creative potential. Many wounded children are healers, teachers, artists, writers and other creatives. Your wounds and your vulnerability hold your power. and your light. As you transform your relationship to your pain, you gain more access to your power.


The ReMothering Process: 8 Steps to Reclaim Your Power


Step One: Getting clear on how exactly the Mother Wound has affected your life and limited your ability to create the life you desire.

Step Two: Accepting 100% personal responsibility for your life. You are the true Foundation for your Life and abundance.  YOU are also the solution. You have the Power within you to provide yourself with all that you need, and it is your responsibility to do so.

Step Three: Connecting with the Internal Mother, cultivating deep connection and Grounding. Staying Present in your experience.

Step Four: Caring for Your Inner Child: self-soothing and managing your emotions and relationship to fear.

Step Five: Taking Your Power Back: Working with the Shadows and Fear. Stop giving your power away.

Step Six: Grieving. Feeling your feelings. Letting go of the past and its’ grip on you. (until you do this, you will repeat the same patterns over and over again in your current relationships and life experiences)

Step Seven: Expanding the Inner Mother / Inner Child Relationship and repatterning the attachment wound. Letting go of what no longer serves you.

Step Eight: Rebirth…A new life. Writing a new story. Setting new goals. Manifesting abundance and giving back. Service as a path to fulfillment.

work with me

How Can I Expect My Life To Change After Doing this Work?


  • Transforming past trauma and emotional pain into energy you can use creatively
  • Healing chronic anxiety and depression
  • Learning to completely trust in yourself and in the process of life
  • Connecting with the feeling of self-confidence that you have always wanted
  • Healing feelings of loneliness and despair
  • Releasing rigid ideas of perfectionism and embrace who you truly are
  • Connecting with your internal wisdom for support and guidance
  • Finding the love within yourself that you have always longed for
  • Learning to stop settling for less than you deserve, stepping fully into your power
  • Experiencing the Freedom offered by forgiveness as it liberates you from your old story of not enough-ness
  • Aligning with a Deep respect and reverence for yourself, knowing that you are perfect as you are
  • Learning to create healthy boundaries with others that honor your needs and values
  • Understanding how to care for yourself and tend to your needs as they arise in each moment
  • Cultivating a deep well of internal security that will sustain you in any situation
  • Connecting to your creativity and ability to create abundance in your life
  • Moving out of the victim mindset and rewrite the story of your life into a story where you are the confident heroine of your story
  • Stop settling for less than you know you deserve and create your dream life!



90 Day One-On-One Program

In this 90 day program that is my most intensive work, I will take you through the eight steps of the ReMothering Process. You will receive:

  • 12 one hour sessions
  • email support
  • membership in my free Facebook group for women 
  • 3 clarity calls (20 minutes each).
  • Homework tailored to your specific needs
  • Access to tons of powerful tools and practices

To apply for this powerful program and to book your complimentary 30 minute Breakthrough Call, click the “book now” button below.

One Hour Sessions

I offer a blend of Shamanic healing, Reiki, spiritual counseling (Buddhist and Transpersonal psychology) and regression therapy tailored to suit your needs. A minimum of four sessions is recommended in order to receive full benefits of this work. 

  • clear energetic blockages
  • cord cutting
  • removal of energetic interference
  • reconnect to yourself and to your center
  • Power and soul retrievals 
  • healing of trauma
  • life transition support
  • relationship guidance and support

To apply to work with me and to set up your complimentary 30 minute Breakthrough Call, click the “book now” button below.

Self-Empowerment Academy For Women (Online Mentorship)

In this online ongoing group mentorship you will gain LIVE access to Kara’s guidance and support on your journey of healing and self-empowerment.

  • healing tools
  • guidance
  • clarity on your path
  • community and connection
  • tools, tips and practices to support you on your path
  • accountability
  • safe, sacred container where you are seen, held and supported

To apply for my online mentorship program and to set up your complimentary 30 minute Breakthrough Call, click the “book now” button below.

Schedule your complimentary Breakthrough Call

If this work calls to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I offer a complimentary 30 minute Breakthrough Call to talk about how I can support you in your journey. If you feel called to work together, please contact me today. I can’t wait to connect with you!

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